The BSN Gateway for Parents (

BSN Gateway is the BSN’s password-protected website that has been developed for BSN parents, staff and students. The BSN Gateway provides direct, personalised access to on-line Notes Home, the school calendar, the family database, school news, curriculum information and much more.
A Note Home is an electronic message sent directly to parents, via the Gateway portal to inform them of what is going on with events, special lessons, activities, trips etc. Of course, parents are always welcome to contact the School Office or teaching staff personally, but the vast majority of written day to day communication from the school comes via BSN Gateway.

Permission slips for school trips, sign up forms for parent appointments, registration for co-curricular clubs and activities are all done on-line via this portal. There is also an online school calendar, a parent database so you can look up those vital contact details for other BSN families, the on-line uniform shop and much more.

New Families

Every parent (mother and father) will receive their own log in during their child’s first week at school. Prior to this, however, parents will receive an temporary log-on to allow them access to the more generic areas of the site. News, calendar and numerous information pages can be accessed this way, but personal Notes Home will only be received once the individual log-on is used after a child starts school.

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