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language centre
language centre
Working for us
Working for us
The British School in The Netherlands

Developing Language Skills

The BSN draws children from all over the world, who contribute to our Internationally British school ethos that we are known for and which enables the very youngest children in our care to grow and develop as successful learners.

The children who join us have a varied range of fluency in the English language and our staff are very experienced in managing this so that each child is supported and helped to settle in as quickly as possible.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL is our programme of support for those children who speak, listen to or use a language other than English to communicate at home. 

Our classroom teachers and teaching assistants are skilled in helping non-English speakers of all levels to progress and develop their English, by providing them with with all sorts of engaging activities. For children in Foundation 2, there is also additional support from specialist EAL teachers available who provide support tailored to the age and needs of the children.

Mother Tongue Languages

At school, children will be exposed to spoken and written English all day, so we strongly encourage parents to continue speaking to children at home in their mother tongue. If your child is already used to hearing a particular language, we encourage you to continue with it.

Read our Beginnings Handbook for more details