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Careers Guidance

Careers advice and guidance is offered to all students and starts as early as Year 8 in Lifeskills lessons and continues through to the critical years of the Sixth Form - Years 12 and 13.

The delivery of careers education is designed to empower students to become pro-active in their consideration of post-18 choices, so that their decisions are based on sound information, and an assessment of their own aptitudes and interests. Through individual and group counselling, students are encouraged to develop their marketability, and are supported to develop a broad-based academic and personal curriculum vitae. The school has a comprehensive Careers Library which is available for use by all students during the school day. In addition, there are a number of recognised and accredited careers resources available on the school computer network; the department also subscribes to a number of online databases and resources.

In Year 12, a component of the Life Skills programme covers the range of courses available in Higher and Further Education worldwide. The completion of a formal CV and a draft personal statement also forms part of the careers programme and students are encouraged to identify those aspects of their personal portfolios that need developing or augmenting. An annual Careers Evening is held, in order to provide students in Years 11, 12 and 13 with the opportunity to meet people from a wide range of different professions, and to discuss their careers aspirations.

In Year 13, students are given practical help in the final preparation of their application for university. This includes possible individual interviews with the Head of Careers and a more formal interview with a specialist in their chosen field of study. Those students wishing to pursue their tertiary education in the UK make full use of the UCAS online application system. Students wishing to apply outside of the UK are able to make use of the expertise provided to those applying to universities worldwide. Students are also given individual advice, if required, following examination results in the summer.