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1-to-1 iPad Programme

The BSN operates a 1-to-1 iPad Programme in Years 6 to 13 and to support this, parents are offered the opportunity to purchase iPads for their children at a highly subsidised rate.

As a world class school, we constantly strive to innovate and explore different ways to improve the learning experiences of our students. Time and again, research has demonstrated that students learn best when they are actively engaged and, put simply, technology engages students.

Tablet devices lend themselves to the way young people interact with the world; they are simple and intuitive. Mobile 1-to-1 learning allows students to learn from a variety of sources and develop critical digital literacy skills. Given the opportunity to produce work with their own device, students often exceed expectations in terms of creativity. This evidence, coupled with the outcomes of our own research, led to the development of the BSN's strategy for the wider use of mobile technology in our school. 

Read through the FAQs below and when you are ready, please visit our Online Shop to order.

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How much does an iPad cost and how do I buy one?

As part of the 1-to-1 iPad Programme the BSN offers parents the option to purchase an iPad at very advantageous rates. The rates are based on a 50% discount off the already reduced educational rate, with the School covering the remaining 50%. All parents with a child joining in Years 6 to 13 will need to purchase an iPad (per child) for school use. The current subsidised costs are listed below:

Subsidised cost to parents (including essential apps)
 Wifi iPad Air 2 - 32GB €196
 Wifi iPad Air 2 - 128GB €297
 Wifi iPad Pro 9.7" - 32GB €426
 Wifi iPad Pro 9.7" - 128GB €591
 Wifi iPad Pro 9.7" - 256GB €757
Other models are available for Senior School students, details on
Gateway iPad store


Buying Your iPad


You can purchase your iPad using the button at the end of this section - before you do this, you will need to have your Gateway Log in details to hand - these will have been sent to you in the e-newsletter you received from the Admissions Office and again in the Welcome e-newsletter sent to you by the individual school office of your child's school site.

Once you have logged in to the Gateway iPad store you will need to:

1.  Fill in your e-mail address - the same one you used when applying at the BSN
2.  Fill in your child’s date of birth (this can be any child in the family in Years 6-13)
3.  Add the iPad of your choice and any accessories to your basket in the shop
4.  Checkout and Pay
5.  Collect your iPad when you start school - information on collection dates/times will be communicated ahead of time.  

Order your iPad here

Who will need an iPad?

All Senior School and Year 6 Junior School students are required to have an iPad.

We already own an iPad - do we have to purchase a new one?

If you already own an iPad 3 or above, that can be used by your son or daughter exclusively, you do not have to purchase a new one from the school. However, iPads that are issued by the BSN come with a piece of software installed that allows the school to distribute paid apps that are required for school work (free of charge for the student). Privately owned iPads cannot be equipped with this software and therefore the student will be expected to pay for these apps themself. Depending on the year group, the value of paid apps that the school provides may add up to as much as €75.

iPads with 3G/4G capability are not permitted in school. Non-Apple tablet computers are not permitted as a substitute.

I have more than one child, can they share an iPad?

Unfortunately, siblings cannot share their iPad, the device needs to be exclusively available to each student.

Can I opt out of the 1-to-1 iPad Programme?

The benefits of an iPad in a school situation can only be achieved if all students use a tablet individually. Our curriculum is being developed around the use of this technology, the iPad will be an integral part of your child’s learning kit and part of the school requirements, therefore it is unfortunately not possible to opt out.

Will iPad support be available?

The school provides students with technical support and can, if necessary, arrange to have repairs which are not covered by the 1 year warranty, carried out.

Which apps will students need?

Students will be provided with a core selection of apps to download, all of which are included in the purchase price of the iPad. Students are also encouraged to explore and share new apps with their teachers and fellow peers.

How does the school ensure appropriate use of iPads?

During the online ordering process, you will be required to accept the  Responsible Use Agreement. A robust safeguarding policy is also in place and students are constantly reminded of the need to safeguard their iPads and minimise risks to themselves.

What security and e-safety measures are put in place?

Students are required to setup passcode protection on their iPads. The school also actively encourages parents to adjust the iPad settings to further restrict access to the types of apps that can be downloaded, as well as iTunes and the Games Centre. All schools have extensive internet web filters to ensure inappropriate material is not accessed on site.

What iPad model should I order for my child?

Whilst we will not make a specific recommendation, we can provide the following information to help you decide.

At the moment (June ’16) there are 8 models of ipad available, in 4 different colours. The school does not sell the 12.9” iPad pro, and discourages its use in the classroom. For school work, all models available in the school iPad shop have been tested and approved. Lots of students (and their families) also use the iPad for private activities such as watching movies, playing games or taking pictures. If you are planning for that to be the case, then we recommend a model with at least 64GB of memory. 

The difference between the cheaper iPad Air 2 and the more expensive iPad 'pro' will not be noticed by many people. Although the ‘pro’ is equipped with more functionality and slightly better hardware, for school work the iPad air 2 provides more than enough performance. Most iPads will last for at least 5 years.

It is helpful to note that every iPad (or to be correct: every apple id) comes with a limited backup storage of 5 gigabytes. People who use their iPad for movies, music or pictures will quickly find this 5gb is not enough, and will find that the backup will stop working unless a monthly payment is made (starting at €3 pm). This payment can be avoided if the owner makes regular backup copies of the iPad onto their home pc or Mac.

More information and FAQs

Please login to BSN Gateway for more information and additional FAQ's.