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Working for us
Working for us
The British School in The Netherlands

School Governance

The British School in The Netherlands (BSN) is an independent school.  It is a non-profit organisation ('vereniging' in Dutch) and entirely dependent on fee income and, unlike many other international schools, receives no subsidy from either the Dutch or British Governments.

The school is managed on a day to day basis by the Board of Management.  This board answers to the school's Board of Governors who in turn are overseen by the larger BSN Association. 

Board of Management

The Board of Management, chaired by the Principal and composed of senior managers within the BSN's teaching and business staff, is responsible for the management and operational running of the school. This board is answerable to the Board of Governors, which is responsible for strategic supervision and, in turn, reports to The Association.

Mr Kieran Earley

Chief Executive Officer and Principal

Kieran Earley - Chief Executive / Principal

Mr Wouter Hoobroeckx

Director of Finance

Wouter Hoobroeckx - Director of Finance
Mrs Angela Parry-Davies

Head of Junior School Diamanthorst
Mrs Karren Van Zoest

Head of Junior Shool Leidshenveen
Ms Sue Aspinall

Head of Junior School Vlaskamp
Mr Paul Topping

Head of Senior School Voorschoten
Paul Topping - Headteacher, Senior School Voorschoten

Board of Governors
The Association