The BSN’s mission is to prepare young people with the knowledge, skills and characteristics that they need to become successful global citizens who can make an impact and help to build a better world.

We do this in three ways:

Academic Excellence

We meet each student’s individual needs and maximise their love of learning, progress and achievement across a range of subjects.

Breadth of Experience

We provide every student with opportunities to participate in activities and experiences, both within and outside the classroom, so that they can discover and develop their unique talents, creativity and interests.

Character & Community

We celebrate our diverse international community, helping students to develop a sense of pride, confidence and compassion, and encouraging them to challenge themselves, build their resilience and play their part in improving society.


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BSN Character Profile

Building on our school values, we developed the BSN Character Profile. The BSN Character Profile (below) defines eight attributes that we believe are truly important for a BSN student to develop at the school. Courage, Perseverance, Creativity, Curiosity, Digital Responsibility, Compassion, Collaboration and Environmental Integrity are characteristics embedded throughout our curriculum irrespective of age, year group or campus. 

Our Character Profile is a powerful tool that not only binds us together as a community but equips us with invaluable life skills. We are proud that our students demonstrate well-rounded characteristics that enable them to succeed in all aspects of their lives. 

  • I take risks
  • I stand up for what I believe in
  • I can adapt to new ideas and situations
  • I challenge myself
  • I want to do my best
  • I keep going in the face of difficulty
  • I look for new solutions
  • I am a critical thinker
  • I am imaginative and resourceful
  • I am open-minded about people and cultures
  • I enjoy discovering new things
  • I ask questions to gain a deeper understanding
Digital Responsibility
  • I use my technology skills creatively
  • I balance technology within my life
  • I stay safe online


  • I show empathy            
  • I am a tolerant and inclusive citizen of the world            
  • I reflect on my actions and those of others            
  • I value and respect the thoughts of others
  • I work with others to enhance my ideas
  • I contribute positively
Environmental Integrity
  • I want to improve the world in which I live
  • I contribute to a sustainable environment
  • I reflect on how my actions have an impact on our planet


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