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Working for us
The British School in The Netherlands

House System

The House System is a traditional feature of British schools - and here at The BSN each student is assigned to their 'House' upon enrollment and then accumulate points. House points are awarded for a number of achievements and competitions that encompass a wide range of sporting, academic and community activities.  

Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to 'have a go' and get involved to help their House achieve the most points and win the House Cup at the end of the year. The Houses and their colours are part of the identity of The BSN and comprise the red of Amsterdam, blue of Delft, yellow of Gouda and green of Leiden.

Junior School 

The House System is well established in our junior schools - and provide students with an identity and real sense of belonging - beyond a classroom grouping - within the school.

Student participation may range from acts of kindness to specific competitions - inter junior school house sports competitions are legendary!

Teamwork and success is rewarded by a points system and students are encouraged to work together to earn points to eventually be the winning House at the end of the school year. This promotes team building, communication, and comradeship.

Senior School House System

The Senior School is a large and dynamic community and we strive to help each student settle as quickly as possible. This is where the House system plays an important role. Students who have come from a BSN junior school, will continue in their elected House - further strengthening the bonds that are already in place.

For new students, the House system acts as a way of welcoming them into a cross-school community at Senior School.  

House System Vision:

We want being part of a House to feel like another home – to be a safe, inclusive place with its own distinct identity.

We are expanding our House System - beyond sports and competition, and are developing a whole programme of events throughout the year. Already we have seen a House MasterChef, House entries for National Poetry Day, House collections for World Food Day, a House challenge at the European Day of Languages and there are many more plans in the future.

At the Senior School, Houses are led by Student Leaders in the Sixth Form, who work with students in each year group to foster a spirit of community competition and achievement.