Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please contact our Admissions Team for any additional information you require.

Do you have places available?

Yes. We have places available in all year groups across The BSN campuses. In some circumstances, places are only available on certain sites. If this is the case, the Admissions Team will inform you of this when you apply. 

When can my child join?

The British System is organised in year groups; these year groups are then arranged into 'key stages' which go together to make up the structure of the curriculum. It is the age of your child at the start of the school year that determines the year group they are allocated to. Check the admissions page to see what year group your child is in.

We work on 1 September as the key entry date for each school year, however, we do take entry throughout the school year for some year groups:

  • Children can join our Early Starters Programme in the term after they have turned three if they are fully toilet trained.
  • The standard entry into Foundation 1 is the September following your child’s third birthday if they are fully toilet trained.
  • Children in Years 1 to 9: Can join at any time. 
  • Students in Years 10 and 12: Must start by the beginning of the Spring Term (early January). Please see our term dates for the exact dates and times.
  • Students in Year 11: Unfortunately, students in this year group cannot start at the British School. Please see below for more information.

Why Can't my child join in Year 11?

Unfortunately joining in year 11 is not an option as the GCSE programme is a two-year programme (Year 10 and 11), and includes exam registrations. An application for Year 10 may be considered or you are welcome to apply for Year 12 the following academic year.

Do I have to be British to apply?

No. We accept all nationalities. As an international British school, we have a wide diversity of nationalities in our student body. We have nearly 90 nationalities throughout our schools. We are proud of the rich educational and social experience that this provides to all our students.

What are the school fees?

All information on the school fees can be found on our school fees page.

We do not offer scholarships.

Can I choose which campus my child will attend?

We do our utmost to take parental preference into account when placing children on a particular campus. The BSN Admissions Team has the final decision on placement. We always strive for a good balance of gender, levels of English, special needs and nationalities across all classes and year groups on each school site.

My child does not speak English, can I still apply?

Yes. With nearly 90 nationalities making up our school community, our classes are rich with multi-cultural diversity.

Our staff are extremely experienced in welcoming children and parents from all around the world for whom English is not their mother tongue.

We deal with children of all levels, from those who do not speak or understand a word of English, to those who simply need a little extra support with spelling or grammar.

We also use other children who act as translators, or who can help a new child to settle in and feel welcome.

At the beginning of each academic year we offer ‘The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Welcome Programme’. Find more information about our EAL programme.

How do I buy the school uniform?

We believe that a school uniform provides a sense of pride and community for our internationally-diverse student body.

The BSN school uniform is both practical and comfortable and is worn by all students from Foundation 2 until the end of Year 11.

After you sign your contract you can buy a school uniform

School uniforms are not included in school fees.

What are the university destinations of BSN students?

Our students have established a tradition of gaining excellent exam results in both the British educational system (GCSE, A Levels and BTECs) and the International Baccalaureate (IBDP and IBCP).

BSN leavers/graduates go on to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Are there counsellors for students on site?

Yes, The BSN has school counsellors on each campus. Mental Health and well-being are very important to The BSN. When children feel happy, safe, and secure, they are able to learn better at school.

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education in the UK, or the international equivalent), is taught in lessons and assemblies. In assemblies, key topics on wellbeing and mental health are explored and discussed in an age-appropriate way. These include:

  • Learning to cope with change
  • Dealing with friendship issues
  • Internet safety

In the Junior Schools, we use exercises such as ‘Calm Corners’ and ‘Hot Chocolate Breathing’ to promote mental health.

How many children are there in each class?

The maximum class size in the Junior Schools is 24.

The class sizes in the Senior Schools range from 6 to a maximum of 24. This depends on the subject.

What if my child has additional needs?*

All applications for children with additional educational needs are dealt with individually and parents are closely involved in the admissions process.

In situations where the Learning Support staff feel that we are currently unable to provide a suitable place for a new child, parents will be contacted about their options and given support in investigating these.

*There are additional costs connected with the provision of a Learning Support Assistant – please contact our Admissions team for more details.

Do you offer a school bus service and from what age?

Our school bus service is a flexible ‘two-way’ service, picking your child up before the start of school and dropping them home at the end of the school day.

Parents of younger children should note that the school bus service is not available for children in Foundation 1 (ages 3-4).

For Foundation 2 children (ages 4-5) the service is only available after the half-term holiday in October.