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Working for us
The British School in The Netherlands

Student Wellbeing

At the BSN we not only look after the academic progress and achievement of our children and students but also regard emotional, physical health and wellbeing as a top priority. As such we have developed and established a network of support, advice and care that enables children to flourish emotionally and socially, which will, in turn, help them to thrive academically.

Junior School | Senior School | Pastoral Care | School Counselling

Junior School 

There is a fully trained school nurse based on each of our Junior schools who is available throughout the school day to assist should a child fall ill or have an accident and become physically injured or hurt.

Our pastoral structure is such that no child will have to look too far before finding the support they need. At all times parents are part of that support framework by working in close partnership with the school via their child's Teacher, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher, who will make themselves available to talk in confidence about any concerns should they arise.

Senior School

We really want your child to be happy and to achieve their full potential whilst at the BSN. We want our students to settle quickly and start to enjoy life at the BSN Senior School - our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment in which students thrive. Our pastoral care is a key part of British education system and permeates all we do to support our students’ academic and personal success within the school.

Pastoral Care

When students join the school, their year group is divided into smaller form groups, led by a Form Tutor. This tutor's role is to oversee individual students' progress and acts as an essential link between student, teacher and parent and should always be a parent's first point of contact with the school. The tutor team is headed up by Heads of Year, who work with these tutors and the Deputy Head, Pastoral Care, to be sure that all our students are well cared for. 

School Counselling

In the Senior School, we also provide students with access to a counsellor who can provide emotional support and advice. Students can make appointments through the nursing office, by talking to a teacher, by asking parents to make an appointment or by contacting the counsellor directly them.