We encourage our whole community to participate in co-curricular activities and develop their confidence and team-building skills. 

Co-curricular activities are a significant part of student life at BSN. We offer activities across many interests, including InstrumentalSporting, Media, and many more.

It’s not only your child who benefits from these programmes; the buzz of co-curricular life supports your entire family as they integrate into our school and life in the Netherlands. We encourage parents to volunteer and get involved, allowing them to pass on their skills to the next generation and share their unique expertise. 

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Junior School Activities

As students progress through the year groups, we increase the variety of available activities. We design these to provide opportunities for development outside the classroom and identify and foster talents.

  • We vary the clubs and activities we offer by term and campus.
  • We inform parents of the options and timetable, and your child registers for the activities at the beginning of each term.

Senior School Activities

Activities are advertised via our online Co-Curricular Activities management system, which enables students to sign up for activities during the first week of each term. We change the opportunities offered from year to year, but some favourites are timeless and remain on the programme for longer periods of time. There’s something for everyone!

A selection of activities we offer include:

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Girls teaching for DofEBSN offers three Duke of Edinburgh Award (International Award) medals:

  • Bronze (age 14)
  • Silver (age 15)
  • Gold (age 16)

These medals are a rite of passage for many of our students and provide them with invaluable practical and social skills. The Award supports your child’s development as they grow into citizens of the world and prepare for careers and life beyond BSN.

We’re proud to have one of the highest rates of Duke of Edinburgh Award completion!

To achieve the medals, your child will need to:

  • Do 3-9 months of charity work/community service
  • Participate in a sport
  • Learn of a new skill
  • Take part in an independent expedition.
Model United Nations (MUN)

The BSNMUN Society is one of the longest-running student-led extracurricular activities. Students in this group attend MUN conferences across the Netherlands to debate global issues.

Students develop their understanding of diplomacy and international relations. Regular meetings enable students to improve their public speaking, formal writing and general awareness of issues around the world.

Sixth Form students with a passion for MUN lead the society - an excellent leadership opportunity.