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The British School in The Netherlands

Beyond the Classroom

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Life at the BSN is so much more than our classrooms. Our wide range of clubs, groups and activities - both during and after school - offer students the chance to extend and enrich their interests, as well as providing opportunities for personal development.

Students mix and form new friendships, in some cases outside their own year group or campus as they learn new skills, or perfect existing ones.  The lessons learnt through collaboration on after school projects, hours of dance rehearsal or dedicated sporting practice are invaluable. It is through a full range of clubs, activities and sports that we help students find their true passions. 

Students, staff and parents are actively encouraged to get involved in co-curricular activities at the school – coaching, advising and passing on their own expertise wherever possible. The busy co-curricular life of the BSN helps families to integrate with both the school and Dutch local community.

Junior School

The programme of activities is progressive, increasing in depth and variety as children move through the year groups. A wide range of options help to provide opportunities for personal and social development, as well as foster and identify early talent in a particular area. 

The clubs and activities on offer vary by term, and by individual school, and aim to provide a range of activities to appeal to children of all kinds. In our Junior Schools there is a registration process at the start of each term – parents and students are informed of the options available and the timetable for the coming weeks, so that they can make an appropriate selection.

Take a look at the range of co-curricular activities on offer at our Junior Schools during the Spring Term.

Co-Curricular Activities: Diamanthorst Co-Curricular Activities: LeidschenveenCo-Curricular Activities: Vlaskamp

Senior School

In the Senior School, students start the school year with the Co-Curricular Activities Fair where they have the opportunity to visit a range of information stands during the day to find out more about their choices. From sports teams to Young Enterprise, Debating Society, Media Crew to the Eco Committee, STEM Club to the Swing Band there is something for everyone. Some of the opportunities differ from year to year, but there are always some firm favourites that stand the test of time!

Co-Curricular Activities: Senior School