Our annual fees are broken down by Key Stages 1 to 5 (Year Groups 1-13) and are made up of School Fees and a Capital Fee.

To work out what Key Stage or Year Group your child is in, please see our Admissions Page.

Annual Fees 2023-2024:

Foundation Stage

Foundation StageSchool Fee
Foundation 1 - Part Week (2 days)  €6,432
Foundation 1 - Part Week (3 days)   €9,648
Foundation 1 - Full-Time   €16,080
Foundation 2 - Full-Time   €17,040

Fee and Payment Structure

  • The annually invoiced fees can be paid in 3 instalments if preferred.
    • Foundation 1 - Part Week (2 days)  €2,144 per term
    • Foundation 1 - Part Week (3 days)  €3,216 per term
    • Foundation 1 - Full Time (5 days)    €5,360 per term
    • Foundation 2 - Full Time (5 days)    €5,680 per term
  • In cases where school entry is delayed until after a half-term due to the age of the child, fees and payments will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Enrolment & Capital Fees are not applicable for the Foundation Stage 

Key Stages 1 to 5

Key StageYear GroupSchool Fee
Key Stage 1Years 1-2 €17,550
Key Stage 2 Years 3-6 €18,120
Key Stage 3 Years 7-9  €23,940
Key Stage 4 Years 10-11 (GCSE)€24,660
Key Stage 5 Years 12-13 (A Level / IB) €25,290


Fee and Payment Structure

  • Fees are invoiced annually* and, for returning students, are due in August before the start of the school year in September.
  • The Annual Fees include compulsory (day) trips and residentials (Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5) and exams (Key Stage 4 and 5, and CNaVT exam).
  • New students starting at the BSN in September will be invoiced within the first month of starting school.
  • For students joining during the course of the academic year, fees are calculated in half-term units and invoiced accordingly.
  • Students leaving during the course of the year will be reimbursed on a termly basis if notice is given timely.


All compulsory (day) trips and residentials are also included in the Annual Fees. Compulsory trips are those which all students of the year group are expected to go on (as they form part of the curriculum). This includes up to ten days per year, including residentials, day trips and in-school activity days. Transport (on coaches) for these trips is also included.

Exam Fees

All GCSE, A level, BTEC, IB and CNaVT exam entry costs are included in the Annual Fees.

* In exceptional cases, where parents' circumstances prevent them from paying fees as one annual payment (e.g. they carry the entire burden of the Fees and receive no assistance at all from an employer), parents can contact the Finance Department to apply for an alternative staged payment option. The school is not able to offer discounts on fees. 

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Additional Fees

  • Enrolment Fee: A single, one-off payment of €2,000 per student is required upon enrolment. Please note, where a child has been with us for the whole of Foundation 2, there is no enrolment fee when they join Year 1.
  • Capital Fee: A Capital Fee will be charged annually once your child reaches Year 1. This is equivalent to a contribution of a 7% surcharge on the School Fees to ensure the school’s quality over the longer term and is applied to the development of the school’s infrastructure and facilities.
  • Uniform Costs: Families should expect to pay around €250 for the initial cost of a full school uniform (basic set). If your child takes part in a sport or CCA, an additional kit may be needed. Uniforms (including sports kits) can also be bought second-hand from the Family Association’s second-hand uniform sales. 
Extra Costs

Below are the details of extra costs, which may be incurred whilst your child is at the BSN.

The information below provides a general overview of these costs to allow you to forecast potential expenditures.

Not all of these costs will apply to each family.

Transport Fees 

The cost for BSN school transport varies according to the type of bus service that your child will be using (e.g. door to door minibus, for Junior and Senior students) or coach service (Senior only) and distance from the school. The minimum registration is for one term. Fees paid cover the costs of transportation (the BSN makes no profit).  

Food and Drink (Senior School)

A small amount for daily spend at the school cafe. 

Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

  • The fees for Learning Support Assistance are € 46,440 per student.

Leaving notification and reimbursement

When you are leaving the BSN, a formal notification of leaving must be given to the School Office through our notice of leaving form

The following dates are the deadlines for receipt of notification of leaving in the school year 2023 - 2024:

Leaving DateNotice Required ByFee Reimbursement
End of Autumn Term (Tuesday 19 December 2023)Friday 29 September 2023Two terms' fees reimbursed
End of Spring Term (Thursday 28 March 2024)Friday 26 January 2024One term's fees reimbursed
End of Summer Term (Thursday 18 July 2024)Friday 29 March 2024No reimbursement 

Please note that any of our departing families that fail to make a formal notification by these dates would be liable to pay the full fee for the following term for (all) their child(ren), as set out below:

Giving Notice:

Autumn Term: 

Until 29 September 2023 (Formal Notice of Leaving Date)No fee due for Spring Term
Until 31 October 202350% of Spring Term's fee due
From 01 November 2023100% of Spring Term's fee due

Spring Term:

Until 26 January 2024 (Formal Notice of Leaving Date)No fee due for Summer Term
Until 29 February 202450% of Summer Term's fee due
From 01 March 2024100% of Summer Term's fee due

Summer Term: 

Until 29 March 2024 (Formal Notice of Leaving Date)

No fee due for Autumn Term

Until 30 April 2024

50% of Autumn Term's fee due

From 01 May 2024

100% of Autumn Term's fee due

Students leaving the school must ensure all obligations are met before the BSN can forward the final records to the next school or University.

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