The road to the TEDxYouth@BSN ‘Red Dot’ led to an action-packed Autumn Term 2019. The theme of the 2019 event at The British School in The Netherlands was ‘Breaking the Mould’.

Four cross-campus student and staff pitch events, three professional speaker-coach training sessions and a lot of work behind the scenes led to a mould-breaking day on Monday 4 November 2019. 

Breaking the Mould

The theme of the 2019 event was ‘Breaking the Mould’ and built upon the ideas explored during the 2017 TEDxYouth@BSN event - Big Bold World, looking at globalisation, the environment, sustainability, technology and education.

Being a school, we know that we have within our student body the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. - Paul Topping

The day was structured around three core sessions:

  • Inspiration - If I could Lead for a Day
  • Identifying Issues - Tackling Tough Truths
  • Innovation - An Invitation for Change 

The Programme

17 speakers inspired us with their ideas: ten students from across all Junior and Senior Schools, two staff and five external keynote speakers.

Six entertainment acts involving 40 students were interspersed throughout the programme and the entire day was compared by four outstanding BSN hosts.

Watch Again!

Explore the list of 2019 speakers and performers from TEDxYouth@BSN event and watch them on stage, or to read a little more about them. The event was live-streamed and viewed in 19 different countries from Mexico to India!