The children of Junior School Leidschenveen welcome you to our vibrant community of learning and achievement.

Children from every corner of the world learn, play, and make friends each and every day on our campus.

Our aim is that the children who come to JSL are happy, engaged learners who make positive contributions to their friendships, their families, and their schools.

There is a tangible buzz of excitement about learning in a truly dynamic community.

We have a wonderful Student Council, who, along with Class Representatives, International Ambassadors, and Mental Health Ambassadors, ensure that JSL has a strong student voice.

Our children enjoy a wide variety of opportunities to work as part of a team and to be a leader. We pride ourselves on the children's good behaviour, which we all work hard to promote throughout the whole school community


Optional Service Available

Hot Lunches

Hot (catered) lunches are available for select year groups at JSL. 

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