The Model United Nations (MUN) is an organisation where students learn about diplomacy and international relations through regular meetings in which students debate world issues, preparing them to attend MUN conferences.

These meetings develop students' public speaking skills, formal writing, and a broad awareness of the world issues surrounding them.

The MUN society is entirely led by Sixth Form students passionate about MUN. Through this, students develop leadership and independence. The empowerment of these leadership roles is proven through the success and progress of BSN delegates throughout the school year. 

Model United Nations allows young people to contribute and debate critical global challenges. It also highlights the importance of youth, as they offer fresh, innovative approaches to solve these issues.

In addition to the Secretary General and two Deputy Secretary General positions, students apply to be part of the Super Six team and the Board of Directors. The Super Six team members run the weekly MUN sessions in school and ensure that the MUN society is running smoothly. The Board of Directors is appointed to lead and run the BSN MUN annual conference. 

MUN has not only made me a better delegate but a better person as a whole. 

Students who are part of the society are given great opportunities to attend some of the world's best MUN conferences, such as MUNISH, HMUN, HAGAMUN, and THIMUN. These conferences are all located in The Netherlands, giving students easy access to attend.

Meet the 2023 MUN Leadership Team 

BSN MUN Secretary General: Baptiste

BSN MUN Deputy Secretary Generals: Felix and Tanisha

BSN MUN Board of Directors 

BSN MUN Super Six Members


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Origin of the BSN MUN

The BSN Model United Nations Society is one of the longest-running student-led extracurricular activities, with students from Senior School Voorschoten Year 9 to Sixth Form attending. The club's growth has led to the development of the annual BSNMUN conference.

BSNMUN 2023 Conference 

The British School looks forward to its 9th annual MUN conference on Saturday 2 December, and Sunday 3 December. 

BSN Secretary General, Baptiste, shared the team's goals for the conference: 

"The team and I want to ensure that as many students as possible are included in this year's BSN MUN conference. Aside from the debate aspect of MUN, there are positions for everyone. 

Our school has so much to offer, and the students have so many different skills which we seek to bring forward through BSNMUN.

This conference will be an opportunity for students to apply those skills in a real-world context and play a part in the conference's success, whether as an administrative role, a delegate, a student officer or even as a performer throughout the conference." 

BSNMUN 2022 Conference

The British School in The Netherlands held its 8th annual MUN conference on Saturday 3 December, and Sunday 4 December.

The conference's theme was: "Preserving Rights in the face of Growing Nationalism". As a student-led event and Co-Curricular Activity at The British School, the theme choice was made by the BSN MUN student leadership team (in discussion with the BSN MUN Director). It provided the delegates with an opportunity to explore and discuss challenges that are visible in the current global political climate.

The team worked hard leading up to our annual conference in December, building on previous successes and accomplishing our aspiration to expand, giving more students the opportunity to participate. 

Amy, BSN Secretary General

The conference was a huge success, with over 200 students participating. The students displayed exceptional leadership skills and diplomatic acumen, showcasing their knowledge and understanding of global issues. They worked tirelessly to find creative and effective solutions to the challenges posed to them.

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