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Working for us
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Education Technology

No technological device, regardless of price, capability or potential will have a greater impact on student learning than great teaching. However, the effective use of technology has the potential to deliver genuinely transformational learning opportunities in terms of collaboration, swift easy feedback and a personalised pathway. 

The BSN was a relatively early adopter of the iPad through its 1:1 Programme in 2012. Our vision then was to move Computing out of specialist rooms towards having Ed Tech capability in every classroom. Experience, evaluation and professional research suggest that our approach needs to shift from devices being regarded as a “tech tool” to a much clearer focus on the “learning benefits”.  
Our strategy is based on the following graphic: 

Our vision for Ed Tech can be summarised with three words: Pedagogy; Productivity; Security.
Pedagogy: The method and practice of using Ed Tech as a teaching tool. How will using Ed Tech help students to learn and achieve? 
Productivity: Being efficient and organised. Knowing how to use the right tools for the right job. Digital Badging is an accreditation for digital skills. Badges are a transferable endorsement of your skill/credentials (several universities are recognising this now).
Security: We have a responsibility to help students manage and engage with their digital world appropriately. A crucial element of the strategy is to provide guidance on how to avoid being compromised online.

The BSN’s Ed Tech strategy ensures that the learning benefits are firmly in focus and provides the best environment and the best tools for great learning to occur. 

For the 2017 Autumn Term, all Junior and Senior School students will use school-owned iPads and in the 2018 Spring Term, key year groups in the Senior School will be issued with new school-owned Microsoft Surface Pro devices. The goal is for all Senior School students to be equipped with school-owned Surface Pro’s by September 2018. The Junior Schools will continue to use school-owned iPads as the device continues to support learning with excellent outcomes for our younger students.