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Working for us
The British School in The Netherlands


At the BSN, we define digital literacy as “having the right attitude and skills to use technology responsibly, critically and respectfully.”

The way we learn, play and communicate continues to evolve through the everyday use and development of technology and therefore, it is imperative that our students gain fundamental skills.

The BSN has been operating a 1-to-1 iPad Programme in Years 6 to 13 (ages 10 -18) since September 2012.

Tablet devices lend themselves to the way young people interact with the world; they are simple and intuitive. Mobile 1-to-1 learning allows students to learn from a variety of sources and develop critical digital literacy skills. Given the opportunity to produce work with their own device, students often exceed expectations in terms of creativity. This evidence, coupled with the outcomes of our own research, led to the development of the BSN's strategy for the wider use of mobile technology in our school. 

Further, each campus benefits from having a specialist Learning Technology Manager (LTM), and they conduct weekly computer literacy and coding classes in state of the art computer labs kitted with the latest PCs.  Coding develops digital and non-digital skills including problem solving, collaboration, commitment to a task and solving real problems to ensure solutions.

As a world class school, we constantly strive to innovate and explore different ways to improve the learning experiences of our students. Time and again, research has demonstrated that students learn best when they are actively engaged and, put simply, technology engages students.