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Former Staff

Welcome back!

As we receive more and more enquiries from former members of staff about their pension entitlement we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some links and information sheets to enable you to find the information you are looking for.

For information about the Dutch state pension (AOW) please visit the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) - information in English is available. At this moment you are eligible for AOW when you are 65 and 2 months (2014). Over the coming years, this will increase to 67 years. If the SVB knows where you are based they will contact you about your AOW rights. If they are unaware you will have to request AOW yourself.

To access your AOW information you must log in with your DigiD – a digital ID - this is a login code to access government websites that contain private and confidential information. If you do not have a DigiD yet you can request one, please follow the instructions on the DigiD request sheet. To request a DigiD you will need your Burgerservicenumber (formerly known as SOFI number) - you can find this information on your old BSN payslips, BSN jaaropgave or tax return correspondence.

For more information about the AEGON Pension Scheme and to get a log on to this site please follow the instructions how to request an AEGON login. When you have a log on you can see your pension entitlements. You will have to submit your DigiD information to obtain a login.

De Drie Steden is the AEGON pension broker for The BSN – though they cannot access the specific information above, they are available to answer general questions.

De Drie Steden

The Teachers Pension Scheme

Archive of translated Aegon Pension documents:

The AEGON letters quick guideWhich exit are you taking?Welke afslag neemt u?
Basic investing / Basisbeleggers letterBasic investing / Basisbeleggers attachmentContract free investing / Vrij beleggen letter
Profile investing / Profielbeleggers letterProfile investing / Profielbeleggers attachmentDetermining AEGON pension profile guide