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Working for us
The British School in The Netherlands

ISI Inspection Report

The BSN was recently inspected by the Independent School Inspectorate from the UK. Having received the final report from the inspectors, we are delighted to share that the BSN has achieved a rating of ‘Excellent’ across all criteria.

There are many areas of excellence highlighted in the report, some of which are quoted below, but we encourage you to read the full report.

The inspection was run over the course of a week and involved a team of 18 highly experienced senior teachers and school leaders from around the world. The inspection team recognised that we are a school that strives for continuous improvement in our own practices as well as in our pupils. They left us with their two recommendations for improvement which we will, of course, be following up but it will certainly not stop there - the BSN will keep moving forward and ensuring that we are providing the facilities, the environment and the highest standards of teaching possible to enable every child in our care to achieve their fullest potential.

"The school is highly successful in achieving its aims for educating the students in an international environment of excellence. At all levels of the school, the achievement of students is excellent."

"Attitudes to learning are exemplary."

The curriculum is excellent. In all parts of the school, it is demanding and appropriately reflects the international character of the school.

"The personal development of the students is excellent. The great diversity of their languages and cultures is an invaluable part of the students’ development; it sits very securely alongside the Internationally British basis of the school. Students grow up to be tolerant, knowledgeable, and confident members of the world community, drawing from each other’s experiences."

"Teaching is excellent; teachers have strong knowledge of their subject and of the students’ needs. Lessons are well planned; great care is taken to match work to the abilities and language skills of the students."

- extracts from the 2015 ISI report