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The BSN Pays Tribute to the Passing of an Alumnus


We have learnt with great sadness that one of the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm was Crispin (Chris) Bevington, an alumnus of our school.

Chris joined the BSN with his brother Derren and sister Natasha in 1991. He was a student of great promise. We quote from a reference written by the Head of Sixth Form in 1993:
“In English he is considered a student of exceptional ability…”  
“He is an exceptionally talented sportsman and has represented the BSN in several sports on numerous occasions.” 

“If circumstances had been different (i.e. if he had not had to leave the school halfway through his exam courses) I have no doubt that he would have been contemplating Oxbridge applications at this time.”

Chris was a delightful young person with an engaging personality, full of life, full of fun, and even, at times full of mischief. He was very popular with both students and staff.
He also shared, even at an early age, those values which are fundamental to the BSN. In 2012, on the occasion of his marriage to Annika, he used an internet website to raise money for Oxfam’s African projects. He wrote, “I was born in South Africa and had a wonderful early life there. One of the things I remember clearly was a naïve inability to understand the inequalities around me. And that was only the parts that I could see in the relative sanctity of the city.”

To Natasha, Derren, Annika and the rest of his family, and to all his friends, we send our heartfelt sympathy  on their terrible loss.

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