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We are excited to share the launch of our brand new alumni website/platform: the BSN Alumni Community Network!

This platform makes it easy for alumni to:

  • (re)connect with one another
  • stay in touch
  • build/expand their professional networks

It also enables alumni to request or offer (career) advice, sign up for events and read alumni interviews.

Heath Monk, BSN CEO, said, "We are delighted to provide this exclusive, secure space for you to re/connect with each other.

Share your BSN memories, tell us about your life beyond the BSN, and update the community with your news. Join our community network today and stay 'op de hoogte' (informed), as they say in Dutch.

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The wonderful thing about an alumni community is that you are in it for life; no matter where you go or what you do, you are always a member! We consider all former students, staff and parents alumni. Current staff, parents and Sixth Form students are also very welcome to join. What are you waiting for?!

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A Powerful Network

The new platform will help us build stronger ties with and among our alumni, strengthening our community and creating mutual benefit. There is so much potential in a diverse, international, intergenerational and global network, united by a shared experience of having been part of the BSN. For example, our older alumni have much to offer younger alumni and current Sixth Form Students in terms of (career) advice and experience. We believe the reverse is also true, and our younger alumni can offer fresh perspectives and ideas to the older alumni.

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Alumni Involvement 

Alumni were involved throughout the process of developing this site, as we wanted to test our assumptions and ensure we would be providing value. Two Focus Groups were held, one in person, and one online, to explore individual perspectives and feelings and to obtain feedback on some of our ideas and plans. Some alumni were also involved in beta testing the system. The initial feedback has been encouraging.

Smiles all around during an online alumni focus group

"Our alumni are awesome! I have been impressed by their enthusiasm, support and collaboration during this process and their willingness to share their inspiring stories.

Their BSN experience has clearly been very formative and impactful, and it is wonderful to see the great, life-long friendships that developed

- Rebecca Hazlett, Alumni Strategy & Development Lead 

Get in touch!

We are excited to see how this space develops and (hopefully) becomes a thriving online community. We welcome feedback via [email protected]

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