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It's A Jungle Out There: Key Stage 1's Explore Habitats To Crack The Codes

Junior Maths

Last year JSL hosted a very successful Super Spy Kids KS2 cross school challenges day. Today, Tuesday 14 March, it was KS1's turn. 

Four different spaces were creatively turned into animal habitats and teams from all three Junior schools became Habitat Heroes and were challenged to crack codes and solve puzzles to 'unlock' the doors and escape. In true BSN fashion, our students took to the tasks like professional detectives.

Under The Sea took our super sleuths into Neptune's world where they sorted and compared different sea creatures, followed by some careful navigating through coral and rocks using clear communication and counting. No problem at all for our little Nemos!

However, things got decidedly chilly in The Arctic as our creative crew made symmetrical snowflakes and weaved through icy mazes in a distinctly 'Frozen' theme. They quickly 'Let it go' and made their way to warmer climates. 

Estimating was the name of the game in The Jungle. Trying to equally balance the weight of a giraffe is no mean feat but after careful deduction our investigators became Kings of the Jungle.

As they made their way to the Desert they thought about animals that inhabited here - eagles, skunks, lions, snakes and camels. By selecting their favourite one they could visually see the most popular desert animals amongst the group, as well as the least popular - lions came out top because they are fierce and a sort of cat!

Throughout the entire exploration the word maths was not used once, even though that was exactly what they were doing.  This was clever planning by the maths leaders across the campuses who wanted to raise students' confidence with numbers. At the end of the day one Habitat Hero said, “I loved everything about today.  I wish every day was like this." Mission accomplished!

See our Habitat Heroes crack their codes here

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