JSD Book Day: Where Does Reading Take You?
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Today, we want to think about the different countries you have visited through books, the different lives you have experienced through books and the different universes you have travelled through books. 



On Thursday 10 March, the Junior School Diamanthorst (JSD) campus celebrated Book Day, and the staff and students were abuzz with excitement. "You could feel a genuine appreciation for the power of reading palpating through the school", says Marianne Daniels, Year 5 Class Teacher. 

The theme of the JSD Book Day was 'Where does reading take you?'. It was all about the different places that reading can take you – whether that is somewhere physically or transporting you to different places within your imagination.


Get Caught Reading 

The students were set a challenge to work on ahead of the special day. The children were encouraged to send their teachers a photo of themselves reading in a unique or special place. Linking to the day's theme, the idea was to capture where reading literally takes them.

Laura Kuipers (English lead) shared the photos along with some quotes about reading in a video (watch and enjoy it below) that she made for the day's assembly. 


Stepping into Character

As part of the day, students  (and staff) could dress up or bring accessories related to their favourite book or character. The costumes were creative, and the attention to detail highlighted the affection for each person's chosen book or character. 

The Day's Celebration 

Book Day kicked off with a whole school assembly, which was an event itself: due to restrictions, the entire school has not been able to come together in the hall for some time. During the assembly, each year group was given clues about a mystery book that their teacher had chosen. Following the assembly, the students enjoyed fun activities around the book with their classes. 

Throughout the day, children explored how reading can comfort you by affirming your own experiences and feelings and challenge you by presenting different perspectives, far-away lands, and new ideas. 


We read to know that we are not alone.

C.S. Lewis


One of the most heartwarming things was watching classes paired up reading to each other. The children acted as reading mentors and showed such enthusiasm.

It was so special to see the Year 6s reading to the younger students; they were enthralled.

Marianne Daniels

Not Just for the Students and Staff

Not only was there Book Day at JSD, but there was also the first on-campus FA Coffee Morning, a Reading Workshop (run by Marianne Daniels), and Rainbow Books held a Book Fair. 

It was a great day for the children, staff and parents! 



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