BSN Donation to Help Refugees and Displaced People from Ukraine
Whole School Announcement

Many in our community have been in touch to ask us what they can do to help those families affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

We have decided to set up a cross-BSN collection for Giro555 – a Dutch-based organisation of 11 national charities who are working to help the people of Ukraine – those who have fled, and those who remain there.

You can donate via the link to the BSN collection here. Our campuses will also be holding their own collections during the forthcoming International Weeks or other student-led events. Headteachers will be in touch with further details on each campus.



Together in Action 

Money given to the appeal will help emergency workers to hand out food, blankets, medicines and fuel. They also provide psychosocial help to people on the run and to those left behind. In shelters and safe houses, displaced people can take shelter, wash themselves, eat and drink. Safe transport is also provided for those who cannot arrange it themselves. You can find out more here.


Our Thoughts are with All of those Affected

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this conflict – and as a school, we are particularly thinking of those families and children who are impacted. We feel it is very important to continue to support all members of our community at this time; especially those families who are directly affected.


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