JSV students accept EPO award from HM King Willem-Alexander
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On 5 October, Junior School Vlaskamp (JSV) students were very excited to attend the EPO (European Patent Office) Kids' Collaborative Art Competition Award ceremony and receive a certificate from none other than the King of the Netherlands! Fifteen children from Years 5 and 6 at JSV (and 2 Year 7 students from Senior School Voorschoten and former JSV students) were randomly selected to represent the campus at the ceremony. 

The winning work of art is very special as every single student at JSV was involved in creating it. The environmental sustainability subject matter is close to the students' hearts and directly embodies the BSN mission to help build a better world. The award is something that each child is proud of.

Claire Waller, JSV Headteacher, said:

"We are exceptionally proud of the way that our students represented the school throughout the award ceremony. The art was a true collaboration from all JSV students and reflects the importance of environmental integrity.

We were thrilled to hear King Willem-Alexander praise our students and describe them as the future of the Netherlands.

Moments before the students went on stage to accept the award on behalf of the JSV campus

The Competition and Winning Entry

Students produced a colourful mural containing slogans to promote sustainability and caring for our environment. Different Year Groups were responsible for different parts of the mural. You can read details on how exactly this artwork was produced and the inspirational work of the Eco Warriors club and the Power to the Pond initiative here: JSV Wins EPO Collective Artwork Competition | News | The British School in the Netherlands

The themes of the competition were sustainability, technology and innovation. The purpose was to raise children's awareness of sustainability in a creative way and to encourage collaboration and innovation in order to improve the quality of life on Earth.

Along with producing a work of art, the JSV had to submit a proposal for how they would spend the prize money €3,000 on an initiative related to the themes of the competition.

JSV shared its plans to fund a hybrid sustainable energy source to power a water feature in their outdoor learning area. 

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place at the EPO premises during a convention to mark 50 years since the signing of the European Patent Convention and was live-streamed. JSV Headteacher Claire Waller and Art Specialist Lisa O'Connor accompanied the students.

"It was an honour to receive our award from HM King Willem-Alexander. This was the icing on the cake after creating a brilliant collaborative artwork which involved the whole school.

During the ceremony, our students were wonderful ambassadors for the BSN – what a proud moment for BSN Art!

We are grateful to the EPO for promoting the power of art and creativity in this wonderful way!"

- Lisa O'Connor, JSV Art Lead

The children were exceptional ambassadors for the school. HM King Willem-Alexander shared how impressed he was with our children's confidence and told the audience that "these children are the future of the Netherlands"!

JSV Students Reflect on the Import of the Moment

The children, in turn, were thrilled to have participated in such a prestigious event and to have met royalty, as these quotes attest:

"It was a really exciting time because I got to see the King myself!"

(Francesco 6KS)

"I was very proud, and I really enjoyed it. It was a bit nerve-racking because it was a big event."

(Clara 6TE)

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet someone from the Royal family!"

(David 5JT)

"I thought it was amazing because it was a very big ceremony. We won an award for the whole school, which is very special to us. It is important that everyone joined in and worked together to create our artwork."

(Leo 6EH)

"It was really exciting, and it was an honour to be there representing the school and being part of something so big."

(Annabelle 6EH)

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Students returned with their certificate to display proudly on campus. Congratulations again, JSV, on an incredible achievement and collaboration.


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