Stork Nest Webcam: Experience Spring LIVE!
Whole School Environmental

It's officially Spring in the Netherlands and we are proud to share that our stork nest cam is live streaming from Junior School Vlaskamp. Experience the joys of spring with a nesting pair of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) through this link.

Storks in the Netherlands 

Did you know that storks ('ooievaars' in Dutch) have played a special part in Dutch history and culture for centuries? The stork is even on The Hague's coat of arms! In the 1970s storks were rare in the Netherlands due to the negative impact of urbanisation and increased agriculture on their natural habitat. Stork habitation programmes, developed and run by the Dutch government and volunteers, were put in place to help stop the storks from disappearing. After many years of collaboration and perseverance, the stork is once again thriving in The Hague and the rest of the Netherlands.

Junior School Vlaskamp Stork Cam

We are lucky to have a community of storks in Mariahoeve, and nesting pairs have been nesting in JSV's tallest tree for many years. Our stork cam was first set up in 2008 thanks to support from the BSN Parent Teacher Association, and thanks to the perseverance and expertise of BSN colleague Lee Calverley (Senior Network and Infrastructure Administrator) our students can now enjoy learning about the seasons, environmental responsibility and wildlife first hand. 

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