Press Release | Inspiring Changemakers Since 1931: The BSN's New Logo & Visual Identity
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In the spring of 2024, The British School in the Netherlands launched their refreshed visual identity: a new logo, typeface and uniform. Created in close collaboration with current and past students and their families, staff and branding experts, this new look embraces and celebrates the school’s rich heritage, proud identity and continual progress to follow its mission to prepare young people with the knowledge, skills and characteristics that they need to become successful global citizens who can make an impact and help to build a better world. 

What Led to the Decision to Make a Change? 

With the introduction of the BSN Character Profile in 2018, the new mission launched in 2022, and the development of the BSN Staff Values in 2023, a lot of work has gone into setting out what defines The British School as a school and community.

Equipped with these insights and a clear understanding of how the international and local contexts have evolved, it was time for the visual identity to reflect who The British School in the Netherlands is today.

A new logo is an important step towards communicating our values and defining who we are as a school; it is not only a design change. Our logo is how we introduce ourselves to the world, and it unites us as a community.

~ Elizabeth de Libero, Interim Head of Communications and Admissions 

The Elements of The British School in the Netherlands’ New Logo 

The School’s values, community feedback, and the heraldic tradition of both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands’, were all part of the research and design process. The result is a modern logo that captures the British School's heritage and identity while maintaining important traditional elements.  

  • Heritage: Established in 1931, The British School in the Netherlands has a rich history, providing a solid foundation of over 90 years of experience.

    That heritage is highlighted by the addition of est. 1931
  • Identity: The British School supports an international community of nearly 90 nationalities in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is part of their shared identity.

    The new logo is unambiguous about the role their Dutch context plays in the provision and experience at The British School. 
  • Progress: The school’s history is marked by continuous adaptation to meet their students’ needs. The British School is a community of changemakers dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

    The new lion’s stance is proud, with one paw lifted in motion, representing dynamism, adaptability, and progress. 



Sustainability Steers the School’s Phased Roll Out 

The British School’s core values, such as environmental integrity, collaboration and compassion, have guided the phased rollout of the rebrand.  

On Tuesday 21 May 2024, students experienced the unveiling of the new logo through the logo launch video, interactive puzzle cubes, lion masks, an oversized cutout of our new lion and an optical illusion craft. 

I like it!  

This will be a lot simpler to draw.  

~ JSV Student 

It's interesting to understand the symbolism behind the various elements. The values and heritage really speak to me!  

~ BSN Staff Member

This is 100% better! 

~ SSV Student 

From early June, the website, social media and internal communication channels will reflect the new identity. New branded uniform items are available from mid-June from The British School’s uniform provider, Trutex.   

The larger physical signs and logos on and around campus will change over the coming years, with items updated as they need replacing, following sustainable best practices, and minimising cost implications. 

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Looking Forward 

With a new visual identity, The British School in the Netherlands is proud to showcase its values and what sets it apart. As an institution in British and international education, it has seen a lot of change over its long history; however, its dedication to providing a high-quality holistic education in a supportive environment for its students has always been and remains at the heart of the school.  

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