Refreshed Voices Blog: Sharing Expertise, Experiences and Insights

The improved design and functionality of The British School in The Netherlands’ Voices blog showcases the high-level teaching and learning from our expert staff and remarkable students.  

BSN Voices Blog

The BSN Voices blog is a space for our community to share expertise, experiences and insights in the following categories:

  1. Expert Voices
  2. Teaching and Learning
  3. Student Voices
  4. Eco
  5. Beyond The Classroom
  6. BSN History
  7. TEDx
  8. BBC School Report

The British School in The Netherlands' Voices Blog

Your School, Your Voice

If you, as a student or staff member, would like to write a blog post please don’t hesitate to get in touch with [email protected] where the Digital Communications team will be happy to offer support and get you published.

Thank you to Pauline Krebbers and Juan Arias for the invigorating refresh!  

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